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Helping at Home

Welcome to the Clinician’s Corner!

The talented clinicians of CSLD will share insider tips and strategies for things to do at home with your child to help support their speech and language needs. We will have regular rotating segments for different skill sets and needs.

This segment...

Describe It!

For children who are working on building their receptive and expressive language skills- describing can be a challenging task. Their language can be very vague (e.g., “The thing over there at that place”). You can help your child become better at describing by playing a fun simple guessing game like ‘I Spy’ and take turns describing items in the room by stating 3 qualities.

“I spy something that is a food, it is yellow, and monkeys like it”...A banana!

A game like “I Spy” requires you to use more specific language in order to be successful. This game is also great because your child will get an opportunity to guess items you describe (receptive skill) and practice describing items (expressive skill). If your child is having difficulty describing the item clearly you can ask questions to help guide them. (e.g., what shape, color, what group is it- food, animal, toy?)

A little competition can always be fun so be sure to keep track by earning 1 point for each item you guess correctly.