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Contract/School-Based Services

Need Speech-Language Pathologists?

CLSD has partnerships with charter, private, and therapeutic day schools throughout Chicagoland. We can provide expert speech-language pathology services to meet the needs of your team and your compliance standards. In addition to related service speech-language and related service providers, we have expert staff who can act as Literacy Interventionists/Response to Intervention Consultants and Providers. We can provide long-term services, in addition to short-term coverage, e.g. for maternity or disability leaves.

Community partnerships allow us to further our mission by helping more clients and students reach their full communication potential and providing education to families and professionals in the community. We would enjoy tailoring a program to meet your needs, collaborating with your multi-disciplinary team, and helping students thrive.

If you are an administrator looking for services, we can help! Call Karine Faden Fiore, Executive Director or email [email protected] and take your speech-language program to the next level! Our expert team will surely be an asset to mission.

The following are some comments we have received from our community partners:

“Kudos to speech for having 90-105% compliance across the board!”

“I wanted to let you know what an incredible asset Katie has been this year. She goes above and beyond every day, for every child, for every meeting, and despite the fact that we’ve been a bit hectic, she maintains a positive and professional manner with everyone – students, parents, and staff alike. We’ve always been grateful for our partnership with your organization, and this is just one more reason!”

“I absolutely love having Rachael at our building. She is an excellent speech/language pathologist and does an excellent job in all of the IEP and EDC meetings that she is part of. She is extremely thorough in all of the reports that she writes, and I genuinely enjoy reading her work. Additionally, I am very excited that she will be running a professional development session next week about speech/language with our entire staff, and that she has taken a leadership role with regard to speech/language services in our building this school year.”