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Leap into Literacy Program



Summer 2019: July 8-August 8

"My children are only three years old and they are “reading” their own stories, and they are very proud of themselves!” – Parent, Leap into Literacy Summer Program

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Do you want your preschool age child to...

  • Improve their love and interest in books?
  • Learn more letters and sounds?
  • Improve their attention and listening?
  • Improve their vocabulary and awareness of words?
  • Learn how to read simple books and know their parts?
  • Enter kindergarten with the best possible language and literacy skills?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above for a child 3 to 5, our Leap into Literacy Program can help! Our goal is to maximize your child's success with language and literacy skills. Establishing a strong foundation of early literacy skills through skilled instruction can prevent or diminish later reading problems when students advance into elementary and middle school.

Skills Addressed:

  1. Receptive and Expressive Language—understanding and using vocabulary, grammar and concepts
  2. Phonological Awareness—hearing, identifying and manipulating words, syllables, sounds and rhyme that comprise the spoken language
  3. Auditory Processing— basic attention, listening, and memory skills
  4. Print Knowledge— book handling; alphabet and environmental print knowledge; and sound-letter correspondence

Class Structure

  • Seven weeks of three weekly 90-minute therapy sessions, 20 in total
  • There are 6-8 students in each class, grouped appropriately by age
  • Two speech-language pathologists and one classroom aide instruct each class
  • Each student receives individualized intervention, in addition to small-group work, which enables us to simulate the classroom setting
  • The student's parent/guardian receives pre-program education and meets weekly with therapists
  • Space is limited and is offered on a first-come, first-served basis



Chicago                                              Lombard
820 N. Orleans St., Suite 217             310-D South Main Street
Chicago, IL 60654                              Lombard, IL 60148

Getting Started:

The first step is to schedule a language-literacy evaluation. A speech-language pathologist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of language and early reading skills to determine areas of strength and weakness and candidacy for the program. Evaluations typically last 90 minutes.

To schedule a language-literacy evaluation please email us or call 630-652-0200.

Program Payment Options:

We are a BCBS Preferred Provider and an Aetna Provider. We also accept Medicaid, but a waitlist may apply. Other insurance plans may provide coverage for speech-language therapy—our support team can help guide you. We accept private pay as well.

Past Leap into Literacy Parents Have Said…

“I would recommend this program to everyone who has a preschooler. This program has taught him so much. The staff are wonderful people.”

“This was the best experience. Lessons were fun, interactive, organized and goal driven. The kids love it and can’t wait to go to class. The measurable outcomes surpassed our expectations. We are so thankful our child was able to attend this class.”

“I have seen improvement in his writing skills, [before] I was not able to get him to color, let alone write his name. Now he knows how to sit and listen to the speaker. He’s learned so much more than I could have taught him myself.”

“My daughter is identifying community signs while driving from place to place, and is initiating book reading more than ever!”