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Scheduling and Forms

Dear New Client,

The first step in getting started with CSLD is setting up a comprehensive evaluation. This allows the speech-language pathologist to work with you to determine communication strengths and areas of need, establish a baseline from which to measure progress, and develop a tailored treatment plan for intervention. After the evaluation the speech pathologist will counsel you as to the best options for intervention, e.g. 1:1 therapy and/or a specialized program and the recommended frequency of treatment.

Call 630-652-0200 or email [email protected] to set-up an evaluation appointment today.

Before completing the evaluation:

  • CSLD requires a prescription from your doctor. Our support team will work on getting the prescription from your doctor’s office after you provide your primary physician’s contact information.
  • CSLD will need a copy of the front and back of your insurance card at the time of your appointment. Scanning and sending the card ahead of time can help expedite the verification of your insurance.

In order to be ready for your first appointment, please fill out the following forms. Email completed forms to or fax to 630-652-0300.

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