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Speech Language Pathology Services

If you have concerns about the language or speech skills of you or your loved one, we can help!

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Comprehensive Speech/Language Evaluations:

An evaluation is typically the first step in working with CSLD. A comprehensive assessment allows the speech-language pathologist to work with you and your family to determine communication strengths and areas of need, establish a baseline from which to measure progress, and develop a tailored treatment plan for intervention.

During the evaluation, the clinician will work to develop a friendly rapport and create a fun, motivating atmosphere to assess speech and language as well as other developmental skills through play and other assessment techniques that are age-appropriate. The clinician will complete a very comprehensive, age-appropriate assessment that will give us information about you or your child's skills, so that we can make the best recommendations for any areas of need.

After the evaluation the speech pathologist will counsel you as to the best options for intervention, e.g. 1:1 therapy and/or a specialized program, and the recommended frequency of treatment. Additionally, CSLD will take the time to prepare a comprehensive written report, which will be sent to you upon completion.

Evaluations may be completed by the Center for Speech and Language Disorders at our clinic locations in Lombard or Chicago through private pay or insurance coverage. Our schedulers will help you determine whether an evaluation is covered by your insurance.

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Evaluation Options for Out of Town Families:

  • Phone/Video Chat Consult: We can schedule a consult via phone/video chat in order to get started. The aim is to gather information about communication skills, determine the need for an in-person assessment, and provide strategies and model ways to work on improving communication at home if appropriate.
  • Extended Evaluation: Come see us in Chicago! The extended evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment, followed by 120 minutes of family training. The aim of the extended evaluation is to provide an evaluation of communication skills, in addition to providing information regarding learning styles, tips for family and teachers working with the client at home, and an opportunity for the clinician to model therapy techniques and provide coaching to the parents so they can implement these techniques at home.


Based on the results of an evaluation, therapy may be recommended to improve one or more areas of language or speech.

1:1 Therapy: Ages Birth – Elder Years

A speech-language pathologist will create a tailored treatment plan and work one-on-one with you or your child to improve communication skills. Parents and caregivers are a welcome part of therapy as our goal is to help support carryover of skills outside of the clinic setting.

Leap into Literacy Program: Ages 3-5

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Language to Literacy Program: Ages 5-High School

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Fast Forword: Ages 5-High School

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Social Communication Program: Ages 5-Young Adult

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Children with speech or language delays are eligible to participate in clinic therapy services even if they are already receiving services at school or home.

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Intervention Options for Out of Town Families:

Additional Services:

School Staffing: If you would like a CSLD speech-language pathologist to consult with your child’s school team, for example at his/her IEP meeting, contact our schedulers to learn more.

Second Opinion Evaluations: Need a second opinion? Expert speech-language pathologists at CSLD can help.

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