Center for Speech and Language Disorders

Center for Speech and Language Disorders
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Summer Speech and Language Programs in Chicago & Lombard


2019 Summer Literacy Programs

Registration is now OPEN and classes start July 8th!

"This was the best experience. Lessons were fun, interactive, organized, and goal driven. The kids love it and can't wait to go to class. The measurable outcomes surpassed our expectations. We are so thankful our child was able to attend this class." - Parent, Literacy Summer Program


Intensive group therapy to improve foundational skills needed for reading!

  • Attention, listening, and memory
  • Phonological awareness
  • Reading comprehension

Our programs are a combination of reading therapy and speech therapy treatment that can help struggling school age students and/or help prepare younger students for school. Our literacy programs have helped support a wide range of children who come with a variety of diagnoses such as adhd, dyslexia, speech delays, language delays, hyperlexia, or no formal diagnosis at all.

Click here to learn about "Leap" our 3-to-5 year-old program that gets toddlers and preschoolers excited about reading!

Click here to learn about "Language to Literacy" with groups for children ages 6-18

Call today and ask for more information or to register for Program 630-652-0200 or fill out this SURVEY