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Dear Visitor,

It is our joy everyday at CSLD to work with clients and their families. We have the privilege of providing services that help transform lives!

Anna’s Story:

Anna’s pediatrician called CSLD and asked if we had any programming to help a young patient of hers who was struggling with dyslexia. Anna was frustrated and experiencing failure in school. One problem… she had no insurance coverage, but thanks to fundraising and events, CSLD was able to give Anna a full scholarship to attend our Language to Literacy program. Anna thrived in the program. She loved coming to class and woke up at 6:00am every day, dressed and ready and waiting to go to her 11:30 am class.

Her mom shared with the team that one day, toward the end of the program, for the first time Anna got up and read in front of her church. When her mom said to her, "I can’t believe you read in front of people," she said, “Mom, I’m confident in my reading now!” Anna brought smiles and tears to our staff on the last day of the program when she gave us a hand-written note. It said, “Thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of this program. It Changed My Life. Please thank the people that donated the money to pay for me.”

In a separate note, her Mom wrote, “My child has gone from hating reading to loving it. She now reads all evening long. Her self-confidence has been boosted tremendously. She can’t wait to go back to school and self-advocate for herself. Thank you for allowing my child to participate in this amazing program!”

There are many more Annas out there who benefit from the expert services of our therapy team and we look forward to sharing more “transforming lives” stories with you.

We encourage you to come visit us at the Center and see our daily miracles in action! On behalf of our families and staff, thank you for supporting CSLD and trusting us to work with your loved one!


Karine Fiore, Executive Director